Cat's Shining

Cat's Shining

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    This oil painting is a whimsical and creative triptych that seems to playfully juxtapose elements from the horror film "The Shining" with domestic feline imagery. The left panel features a man's face peering through a broken door, reminiscent of the iconic "Here's Johnny!" scene from the movie. His expression is intense and menacing, teeth bared in a wild grin.

    The central panel shows only the man's hands holding the door open, with the focus on the jagged edges of the broken door. The color palette for both the man and the door is dark and somber, using heavy brush strokes.

    The right panel contrasts dramatically with the others, showcasing a cat sitting upright, its face animated with what seems to be a startled or aggressive expression, with mouth open as if hissing or yowling. The cat's fur is rendered in warm, golden tones, with thick, textured brush strokes that give it a tactile quality.

    The background of the central and right panels is light and neutral, which brings out the darker foreground subjects. Each panel seems to be framed within its own canvas, giving a sense of separation while still contributing to the overall narrative. The artwork is signed and dated by the artist in each panel, indicating a personal touch to the creation.

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    Cat Triptych Horror
  • Sizes
    Width 20 Height 60
  • Materials
    Canvas, Oil paint