Boats in Crikvenica

Boats in Crikvenica

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    The oil painting captures a charming scene from the coastal city of Crikvenica in Croatia, known for its beautiful beaches and serene maritime environment. Dominating the composition is a white boat with a red mast in the foreground, securely moored to the dock, symbolizing the nautical lifestyle of the region. A small black cat lounges near the water's edge, adding a touch of life and local fauna to the scene. The background is adorned with an array of boats that speckle the calm blue waters, reflecting the clear sky above. Lush green trees and the outlines of the city's architecture are visible in the distance, conveying the tranquil yet vibrant spirit of Crikvenica.

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    Cat Summer Sea
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    Width 50 Height 70
  • Materials
    Canvas, Oil paint